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Mr. Best

Mr. Best

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Mr. Best is a premium favored coffee that combines the flavors Dark Chocolate and Caramel. The rich aroma of this medium roasted coffee will awaken your taste buds before you even brew a cup for your drinking pleasure!

Named after our grandfather and patriarch, Mr. Best our uncle Jose.

Always well balanced in the cup and everything you would expect from combining these flavors. The result is rich, creamy magnificence!

What makes our flavored coffee so special?

Many flavored coffees on the market are actually average to sub-standard coffees, which are then heavily flavored with artificial flavors to hide the fact that the coffee isn't very good. We don't do that. We start with a premium coffee bean, Colombian Supremo. Nothing but the best for you. Colombian coffee is good enough, but the Supremo is the best of the best of Colombian beans -- supreme even. They are the largest and most perfect, and create the smoothest coffee you can imagine. 

We artisan roast your Colombian Supremo fresh daily in small batches, then add our flavor combinations.

Our flavors are:

- certified gluten-free,

- allergen-free,

- sugar-free (no sweeteners at all), and

- alcohol-free

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